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Fort Lauderdale Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

Fighting Foreclosures in Fort Lauderdale and Broward County

A law firm helping homeowners in Fort Lauderdale – and throughout Broward County – using our experience and a guiding hand to provide competent foreclosure defense – working as a team to defend your rights.

Foreclosure filings having been making history for most of the past decade, with Florida holding steady with the second highest foreclosure rate in the United States. We all know that because of the recession, as well as bad acts by big banks, millions of Florida homeowners have lost their homes to foreclosure (or will in the future if the banks get their way).

Fight to Save Your Home: Foreclosure Defense in Broward County and Fort Lauderdale

Just because you are behind in your payments does not mean that you will lose your home. If the bank representative tells you that it’s too late, don’t take that as the last word. Foreclosure defenses are available to you under Florida law and in the current circumstances, new Florida foreclosure defense law is being made as Florida courts and Florida judges deal with any number of unique situations coming before them. For example, Broward County resident Robert McLean made national headlines when he won his appeal before the Fourth Court of Appeals in his fight to keep J.P. Morgan Chase from foreclosing on his home.

Right now, under Florida foreclosure defense law, there are a number of ways to effectively prevent a foreclosure. If your home is currently in foreclosure or has recently been foreclosed on, you have options. Larry Tolchinsky is an experienced real estate attorney representing homeowners in Fort Lauderdale and Broward County who can advise you on your legal rights, the judicial process, how to deal with the bill collectors, and all of the steps in between.

All About Foreclosure Fraud and How We Got Here:

Read: “The Non-Lawyer’s Guide to Foreclosure Fraud.”

The foreclosure process can be confusing and it’s lengthy. Fighting against a foreclosure is stressful and it will be a part of your life for months and months, if not years. You have rights. It is possible to defend against a foreclosure but a skilled foreclosure attorney is a necessity. Florida law is being made now and it’s wise to have an experienced real estate foreclosure lawyer on your side.

Larry Tolchinsky: Fort Lauderdale Foreclosure Defense Attorney

For over 20 years, Florida real estate attorney Larry Tolchinsky has represented people in a variety of foreclosure defense cases. He also writes on the issues surrounding foreclosure matters in Florida on a weekly basis at the blog, About Florida Law.

Foreclosure Lawsuits – Sample Court Documents

Below are sample documents filed by Sackrin & Tolchinsky in a Florida foreclosure defense case to show the work required to defend our clients:

These pleadings reflect a small portion of the amount of work we do for our clients to pursue and protect their rights.

Foreclosure Defense: Lawyer Help and Assistance When You Are Fighting to Keep Your Home

Anyone fighting against foreclosure of their home knows that it is a very complicated and time consuming thing to do. There are so many issues to consider, involving a variety of laws: real estate law, contract law, tax law, family law, debt collection laws, community association laws, and more. Larry Tolchinsky helps clients who are facing foreclosure by guiding them through the related issues, including:

  • Deficiency Judgments
  • Judgment collection assistance
  • Wrongful foreclosure
  • Foreclosure fraud
  • Short Sales
  • Foreclosure title insurance
  • Quiet title actions
  • Condominium foreclosure defense
  • Condominium association fees and liens
  • Mortgage loan modifications
  • Loss or sale of property at the Foreclosure Sale while pursuing a loan modification or short sale
  • Fraud in the mortgage foreclosure process, including lost documents and improper mortgage assignments
  • Fair debt collection practices by mortgage servicers and banks

Larry Tolchinsky Is an Established Real Estate Lawyer Working to Help Families in Fort Lauderdale and Broward County

With the unprecedented number of foreclosure lawsuits, it is true that some attorneys have entered the arena as new business, to represent Floridians who are fighting to save their homes. However, Larry isn’t one of those lawyers: he has been representing clients in Florida real estate matters for over 20 years now, proactively helping Florida property owners in either selling (short sale, etc.) or keeping (mortgage loan modification, foreclosure defense) their homes.

Read Larry Tolchinsky’s bio and resume here

Larry understands the Florida foreclosure crisis and its nuances and personally, as a family man and fellow Floridian, Larry has compassion for those who are struggling and fighting to keep their property, and maintain their holiday traditions, their kids in the same schools, and their investment in a place that isn’t just a house but a home.

After a notice of foreclosure, for example, Larry helps his client not only to understand and make solid decisions on the foreclosure itself, but also how to deal with other issues that come along with it: the tax implications, the reality that bill collection efforts will invade their lives, the impact upon their credit rating, etc. And Larry does this only after he’s offered a free initial consultation and a reasonable and competitive representation rate.

Time is of the essence. You do not have to lose your home like so many others. If you live in South Florida and need a foreclosure defense attorney, call Larry Tolchinsky today at 954-522-0207 for a free initial consultation.

Blog Posts of Interest Related to Foreclosure Defense (by Larry Tolchinsky):

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