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Alan Sackrin and Lawrence Tolchinsky believe that good lawyers are, first and foremost, good people. They pride themselves on their reputation for expert and aggressive representation, character, persistence, community service, and competitive spirit. They bring a strong work ethic to every case and have established a high standard of success for themselves over the years. They offer a free initial consultation, so call them at 954-522-0207 to speak with one of them today.

Since 1982, the lawyers and professional staff at Sackrin & Tolchinsky, P.A. have helped our Cooper City clients with various legal matters, including:

Confident Representation for Cooper City Residents

Their confidence stems from nearly three decades of success and satisfied clients. Sackrin & Tolchinsky, P.A., have strong roots in the South Florida community, and they take pride in helping its residents get the results they deserve. Their depth of knowledge extends to a wide range of issues, and you will always receive informed advice on:

We welcome you to learn more about our experience representing clients in Cooper City, Broward County and all of South Florida. Please feel free to search our website to learn about the Fort Lauderdale Attorneys at Sackrin & Tolchinsky, P.A and to see the full range of matters we handle for our clients.

If you have questions or would like to have a discussion about your potential case, please feel free to contact us by email or telephone, 954-522-0207, whichever is most convenient. The consultation is free of charge and confidential.